the visual impact  

of all your

communication materials 


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our own and innovative objective KPIs

thanks to our predictive AI which simulates thousands of people looking at your design

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and clear recommendations by a team of scientific experts in human attention

Why Ittention?

Which one of these ads has globally more visual impact?

When we asked brands and agencies, results were always mixed for that kind of example.


Easier, better and quicker design decision 

Brands and agencies are two very different worlds that often have trouble understanding and communicating with each other.


On top of the subjective decisions, a design project often involves a lot of back and forth which is time consuming.


Using Ittention will ease the process, gain some time and help having a design with better visual impact. 

No more unproductive talks, just results.    




Objective and unique Ittention analytics

Our team of experts in human attention developed brand new metrics. You will find them nowhere else. 

The metrics are designed to fit as close as possible the needs of each market and guide you to adapt efficiently the design based on your goals.

Each metric gives you a specific information about your overall design or a specific area of it.

In order to be more efficient, we also give you benchmarking figures to easily compare your design with former ones or the competition. 

Expertise as a key value 

Our Artificial Intelligence is important as the basis for our analysis but our strengths rely on our team: 


Researchers that are recognized worldwide as experts in human attention with many articles published on the subject over the last 15 years.


It is thanks to their expertise that we are able to give you precise and targeted recommendations in order to improve the visual efficiency of your design. 

Print Ad
All communication materials
thanks to dedicated AI

We created a specific artificial intelligence for every communication material to fit as close as possible the characteristics of each of them.


Indeed, for instance, the way you look at a web site or at a packaging in a shop or an ad in the street are totally different. That’s why we set up several databases for each of them.


It enables us to give you accurate and very reliable results. 

Fast feedback &
reduced costs

With Ittention, there is no long deadline to give you the results of the analysis. The reason is simple, we don't need people to test your design.


That's why you have the results in a matter of days.


The idea is to adapt the design pre-placement to avoid:

- visual impact mistakes

- extra cost 

and realise multiple analysis for different iterations being sure that the final version is visible for the target.



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