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The start in 2016 

In 2016, three researchers specialized in predicting human attention had the idea to create a startup to apply all their discoveries in the human attention area to the marketing and communication markets.  


Ittention was born.



Worldwide recognition in human attention prediction

Our team of researchers are recognized worldwide as experts in human attention with many articles published on the subject over the last 15 years.

In order to be specialized our team is composed of researchers from two Universities:


one in Mons in Belgium

and one in Rennes in France

which have both a department specialized in understanding and expressing algorithmically complex phenomena taking place in our visual system.


Scientific partnerships 

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Ittention works with IRISA which is the largest French research laboratory (850+ people) in the field of computer science and information technology. The lab covers all the themes within these fields, from computer and network architecture to artificial intelligence.

Ittention is also part of the NUMEDIART Institute which is the Institute for Creative Technologies.

It is the temple of European research in audio, image, video, gesture, and bio-signal processing. Its discoveries directly benefit to Ittention innovative products.

Member of Euratechnologies

Finally, we are part of Euratechnologies the French incubator and accelerator, a centre of excellence and innovation located in Lille.


EuraTechnologies has been ranked in Europe’s top 10 accelerators by Fundacity.